Friday, December 02, 2005

Cape Clear 6.5 Extends ESB Leadership for the Enterprise

Source: CRM Today


Despite the promises of vendors, for too long SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) applications have achieved nothing more than `business as usual` - ever more expensive IT systems that seldom meet an organisation's strategic goals. Cape Clear Software - recently cited as a leader in the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) category by Forrester Research - is to change this forever with the launch of Cape Clear 6.5.
Cape Clear 6.5 delivers three key benefits that deliver on the promise of an open, simplified SOA platform for mission critical deployments:

1. Unified Eclipse Toolset - A unified SOA development toolset that
reduces application development time and effort. Cape Clear Studio 6.5 provides a single, integrated toolset within the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment, including enhanced BPEL, XML/WSDL and Java development tools. This toolset supports seamless source code control system integration, single-click deploy-and-test capabilities, and automatic detection and configuration of application server environments.

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