Thursday, December 15, 2005

Cape Clear To Bring Open Source ESB Tools to Eclipse

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Cape Clear this week said will bring ESB-driven tools to the Eclipse Open Source IDE. The work will be based on the company?s current Cape Clear Studio tool, which supports XML, WSDL and even BPEL (Business Process Execution Language). OET speaks with Cape Clear execs to get a glimpse at what 2006 holds for Open Source ESB tools for web services and SOA.

The company?s Cape Clear Studio tool, which is a component of the company?s just-release Cape Clear 6.5, ESB, is already integrated Eclipse, and supports BPEL, XML/WSDL and Java.

This week?s move to join Eclipse is driven by Cape Clear?s vision to deliver a more business-friendly end-to-end toolset for ESBs, Cape Clear co-founder David Clarke told OET. Cape Clear Studio ?makes creation and orchestration of services more productive,? Clarke said, and moving that business-aware vision for ESBs forward is at the heart of Cape Clear?s Eclipse decision, he added. ?There are always going to be certain parts of the [ESB] tooling infrastructure that will be baked into Eclipse,? Clarke said.

In 2006, the underlying ESB technologies from various vendors, including non-Java vendors such as Microsoft, will become increasingly compatible and interoperable, Clarks told OET. In fact, he said that as more and more vendors base their ESB stack around a common stack of web services standards (WS-*) and XML-friendly standards tooling will be a key differentiator for ESBs.

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