Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) 1.0 Available for Download


The bits for WTP 1.0 were baked last Friday and are cooling off now in preparation for their "official" release on 2005-12-23. However, if you have a pair of oven mitts handy, feel free to download it now and munch this tasty snack over your Holiday break. Unless we discover some late-breaking show-stopper, the bits you'll get are actually RC5 which, as the name suggests, was our fitth attempt to produce a result that was worthy of vendor adoption. During the weeks leading up to RC5 we received a steady stream of bug reports from vendors such as IBM, BEA, JBOSS, Cape Clear, and SAS who are planning to base products on WTP 1.0. The development team addressed the most serious of these bugs, and more fixes will be forthcoming in the mid-February WTP 1.0.1 maintenance release which will follow shortly on the heels of Eclipse 3.1.2.

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