Thursday, February 02, 2006

BEA to ship Eclipse-based developer tool

Source: BEA to ship Eclipse-based developer tool

BEA Systems on Wednesday plans to announce availability of BEA Workshop Studio 3.0, which will serve as the promised Eclipse-based version of BEA's developer tool.

"This is actually our Eclipse-based tool, the core of which comes from our acquisition of M7," last September, said Bill Roth, vice president of BEA's Workshop group.

Another highlight of Workshop Studio 3.0 is support for the EJB3 (Enterprise JavaBeans) specification for object persistence.

"The importance of this [product] is it shows the growing importance of the EJB3 persistence standard. We see Java developers clearly embracing EJB3 as their model of building with server objects," Roth said. "This product gives developers a head start on learning a technology that won't final until Sun [Microsystems] finishes the specs some time later this year.

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