Saturday, February 04, 2006

IBM spearheads AJAX tools at Eclipse

Source: Tech News on ZDNet

IBM and several other software companies have proposed an open-source project to simplify development tools for AJAX-style Web development.

Called Open Ajax, the proposed open-source project will be based on IBM-donated code designed to let software developers use the Eclipse development tool to write Web applications using AJAX.

AJAX, which stands for Asynchronous JavaScript + XML, is a way of writing applications so that Web pages can be interactive and users don't have to press the refresh button to update data on their screens.

As previously reported, the project has the backing of several software companies, including IBM, Google, BEA Systems, Red Hat, Borland Software, Novell, Oracle, Yahoo, PHP tool maker Zend Technologies, e-mail company Zimbra, and phone-software company Openwave Systems. The Eclipse Foundation, the Mozilla Corporation and the Dojo Foundation also intend to participate in the project.

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