Friday, February 24, 2006

IBM's Sabbah touts Rational offerings

Source: InfoWorld

Daniel Sabbah is general manger of IBM Rational Software, within the IBM Software Group. Prior to that, he was vice president of software development, strategy, and architecture for the group. Having begun his IBM career in 1974, Sabbah is experienced in both product development and software research, according to the company. InfoWorld Editor at Large Paul Krill met with Sabbah in San Francisco last week to discuss IBM's application lifecycle management efforts and talk about other subjects such as open source.

InfoWorld: Is Borland's selling off its Java and Windows tools simply an indication that it couldn't compete with Microsoft and open source?

Sabbah: Yes. I think that that's an accurate statement. Borland is getting into this space around lifecycle management, or trying to. And they've decided that the value that comes out of individual tools for isolated capabilities, like J2EE or something like that, is not something that they feel they can compete with in light of a lot of the open source efforts around Eclipse.

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