Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sybase launches larger-scale version of RFID stack

Source: Computer Business Review

Sybase Inc today will launch a new version of its RFID Enterprise software stack that is geared toward large-scale RFID deployments.

RFID Enterprise 2.0 includes an Eclipse tooling environment, which enables companies to create composite applications, as well as on-disc encryption to improve security.

Essentially, the latest version has been geared for companies that are moving beyond pilot-stage RFID projects to more in-field operations, said Dan Auker, Sybase's product line manager of its Information Technology Solutions group.

RFID Enterprise 2.0 features three key components, including network and device management. The new device management capabilities have been extended to also include periphery devices, such as secondary light sensors that confirm when an RFID tag has actually been read. Other new features include being able to provision devices on a group level as opposed to individually.

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