Monday, February 06, 2006

Wanna Have IBM Training? Visit LinuxAsia 2006


They say 'if you want to learn what brotherhood and freedom are all about, join open source community and you will know true definition of community and freedom'. This year, LinuxAsia 2006 will witness a gathering of thousands of open source supporters from all over the globe. And, who said that about freedom and community? Be there, and you will find yourself repeating the same.

This year, one of the major features of LinuxAsia -- of course, among many other mega events -- is IBM LinuxFest. The IBM LinuxFest workshop has been designed to teach you in a very simple way how to install and configure: Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SuSE Linux) in your environment; IBM DB2 database server and WebSphere Application Server.

Besides, you will also have `Hands-on with Eclipse & Derby'. In this hands-on, you will learn about open source Eclipse platform for application development, open source database Apache Derby and application development with open source tools and open standards-based technologies.

Eclipse can be a platform for application development at zero cost with the help of open source tools and based on open standard technologies. This workshop will introduce you to Eclipse platform and application development with the help of tools like Apache Derby (open source database, small footprint, zero administration), JUnit (unit testing), CVS (version control), Ant (build) and Apache tomcat (Web server) based on Java standards.

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