Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ajax simplifies browsing

Source: Australian IT

A NEW technology is quickly gaining acceptance worldwide as it simplifies internet browsing, making it easier for users to shop, work, plan, correspond and navigate.
Ajax, short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, combines several browser technologies, including JavaScript, CSS, DOM, HTTP and XML, to create user experiences that integrate seamlessly with web pages.
The concept allows browser-based tasks to be completed on desktops rather than having to travel back to a central server to be updated. The open client technology can be incrementally adopted into existing applications and websites as needed.
Users of Ajax-based applications typically do not have to refresh a web browser because information is automatically updated.
To accelerate the adoption of Ajax, IBM is supporting the Eclipse Ajax Toolkit Framework.
The proposed Eclipse Ajax toolkit framework is the first approach that supports multiple Ajax runtime toolkits.
The runtimes currently supported are from Dojo, an Open Source JavaScript library, OpenRico and Zimbra.

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