Friday, March 24, 2006

SugarCRM Joins Eclipse Foundation

Source: TMCNet


Open source CRM provider SugarCRM announced it has joined software development community, the Eclipse Foundation as an Add-In-Provider member.
SugarCRM’s participation promotes the foundation’s dedication to improving open source collaboration globally. As an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Eclipse offers a development platform for both large-scale development projects and smaller open source initiatives.
"SugarCRM is delighted to be an Add-In Provider member of the Eclipse Foundation, as we will help collaboration efforts between both Eclipse and SugarCRM's open source communities," states John Roberts, co-founder, chairman and CEO of SugarCRM in a press release.

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Martin Acosta said...

SugarCRM's strong community and knowledge of open source development providing valuable support for the Eclipse platform. and because of this it offers to improve open source collaboration worldwide.