Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eclipse Fonts in Linux

Source: TronProg: Programming and Computers

As you might have guessed I'm using Linux most of the times (Windows only seldom), but I noticed that the Eclipse font layout looked better in Windows: actually, the Eclipse font size in Windows permits fitting much more information in a view. This is even more crucial when I'm using my laptop with a resolution of 1280x800.

Of course, I had tried to adjust the font size using the Eclipse Preferences, and actually managed to reduce the size of the editors and view titles (also for dialogs), but not other fonts, such as menu fonts, and, more importantly, the size of tables and trees (e.g., the Java Package Explorer). That's actually due to the fact that under Linux Eclipse relies on Gtk, and thus inherits the preferences of the Gnome Desktop but I'm using KDE :-)

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