Tuesday, September 11, 2007

AS3 Syntax-Coloring Editor for Eclipse

Source: Daily Habit

I use Aptana plugin to write Flash/Flex/AIR in Eclipse. For AIR in particular, Aptana's AIR app launcher is great. However, one key component missing from Aptana is ActionScript 3 (aka AS3) editor. I've been limping along by mapping .as files to Java editor but I just remembered an old Eclipse plugin that used a template to control syntax coloring. So I went looking and found it here: color editor. It was still being maintained. Woot.

It comes with AS2 support but not AS3 so I went searching again and found the mode file for AS3 here: actionscript 3 syntax hilighting for jEdit. The color editor reuses jEdit's syntax coloring mode files. Almost there.


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