Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Borland Announces JBuilder Product Roadmap, New Eclipse-Based Collaborative Developer Environment

BusinessWire Reports:

Borland Software Corporation (Nasdaq:BORL), a global leader for Software Delivery Optimization(TM), today announced details around the future of JBuilder(R), Borland's award-winning Java(TM) integrated development environment. The roadmap includes an increasing investment in Eclipse as JBuilder's underlying integration framework, the introduction of new innovative developer collaboration and productivity capabilities, and a clear path for developers to take advantage of Borland's Software Delivery Optimization vision.

"We are in a new era of development. An era in which developers must focus on enhancing both their individual art and their contribution within a larger team -- a team that often spans organizational roles, geographies and time zones," said Boz Elloy, senior vice president of products at Borland. "Now more than ever, the successful delivery of software depends on teamwork, communication, agility and efficiency. The next generation of Borland's developer-centric solutions will be designed to help individuals and teams manage the pressures of this new era and thrive in it."

Over the next year, Borland is planning to introduce two new JBuilder products that address the evolving needs of enterprise Java developers. The first, JBuilder 2006, is expected to ship later this year. It will be followed in the first half of next year by a new commercial JBuilder product, code-named "Peloton," that will utilize Eclipse as its underlying integration framework. Customers on JBuilder support and maintenance will be entitled to free upgrades to both products.

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