Monday, June 27, 2005

Million Download Challenge for Eclipse 3.1

Million Download ChallengeThe Eclipse community has really come into its own in recent times. We are growing with leaps and bounds, not only in terms of the code that we ship but also our membership, be it companies or individual contributors. As a way to recognize the value of the community we've formed we'd like to do the following to celebrate the release of Eclipse 3.1.

It took roughly 60 days for us to ship 1 million copies of 3.0.2. We feel we can do better than this for 3.1. For every day less than 60 that it takes for us to reach our 1 millionth download, willing members of the Eclipse community will donate either time or money (as appropriate) to a charity of their choosing. For instance, if it takes us 20 days to reach 1 million then those pledging will donate 40 times (60 days less 20) whatever they've pledged.

The Eclipse community has thrived because of the support of its members. Let's not forget that we're all members of a much bigger community that can also use our support. We encourage all interested members, be they companies, developers or other contributors to add their name to the list below along with what they're pledging. You may do this by clicking the Edit link on the right hand side of your screen. If you'd like to have your name added to this list but cannot modify this page yourself please contact with your info.

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