Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Smaller outfits look to Java

From CNET News.com
Smaller companies looking to crack into the Java marketplace detailed their plans at the JavaOne conference this week.

Nexaweb released version 4 of its namesake software for building so-called rich Internet applications, or Web applications with sophisticated graphics. The enhancements to the company's Java-based tool are aimed at making rich client applications more reliable for medium to large corporations, according to the company.

Nexaweb 4.0 adds a plug-in system for third-party add-ons as well as messaging software, which runs on PC clients and servers, to ensure delivery of data using Web services protocols.

"Computation happens on the client side, but all the security and administration are centrally managed from the server side," said Coach Wei, chief technology officer of Nexaweb, which competes with other rich-client software companies, such as Laszlo Systems and Macromedia.

The Eclipse open-source foundation released an update to its own rich-client software on Monday, called version 3.1 of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. Over the next month, Eclipse intends to release version 3.1 updates to its tools for building Java server programs and Web applications.

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