Thursday, July 28, 2005

BuildForge Joins Eclipse Foundation to Advance Real-World Application Lifecycle Management



BuildForge Plug-In Will Generate New Levels of Developer Productivity Through Efficient and Accurate Product Validation Within the Eclipse Environment

BuildForge, the leading provider of development automation solutions for Real-World Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), today announced it has joined the Eclipse Foundation to further its leadership role in integration and interoperability of key processes and technologies across the software development lifecycle. Eclipse is an open source, vendor-independent integration platform that allows developers to use their preferred heterogeneous tools within a common development environment.

In an effort to maintain process repeatability and audit control, enterprises traditionally deny developers access to production development environments. This creates an inherent bottleneck in the development process by preventing developers from validating their application design and code changes against the integrated code base. The lack of access and feedback can lead to longer development cycles, undermine product quality, and reduce developer productivity.

To address this challenge, BuildForge will create an Eclipse plug-in that introduces "developer self-service" -- giving developers secure, limited access to enterprise build environments so they can validate product changes through the BuildForge system without altering production processes or configurations. This integration breaks down the walls between development and configuration management teams and enables companies to adopt iterative development practices such as Agile Development and Extreme Programming to improve product quality and bring products to market faster.

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