Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Eclipse Foundation Announces Support for OSGi Service Platform R4 Specification

Source: BusinessWire


The Eclipse Foundation today announced immediate support of the recently released OSGi Service Platform R4 specification. Eclipse and the OSGi Alliance collaborated extensively on the development of the OSGi Service Platform R4 specification, resulting in Eclipse Equinox and the OSGi Service Platform R4 reference implementation using the same code. The Eclipse Platform project has been based on the OSGi framework for the past two years and the project team has been tracking and actively participating in the specification process.

Eclipse also announced that the Eclipse Equinox Project will be restructured to support and promote an OSGi developer community at Eclipse. The Eclipse Equinox Project delivers a standalone version of the OSGi R4 framework, which had been previously embedded in the Eclipse 3.1 platform release. This will simplify development and deployment of rich client, embedded and server applications and facilitate the implementation of new and innovative OSGi-based services and mechanisms.

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