Wednesday, November 02, 2005

IBM donates code to help Eclipse get organized

Source: Tech News on ZDNet


IBM said on Wednesday that it has donated code and documentation on how to organize software development projects to the Eclipse open-source foundation.

The material will form the basis for a proposed open-source project, called Project Beacon, which will be voted on within coming months, according to IBM. About 15 organizations, including commercial software companies and consulting firms, said they intend to use the software.

By giving some of its intellectual property in software development to Eclipse, IBM hopes to encourage the use of structured software development processes, or methodologies. It also stands to benefit from the work of Eclipse participants, said Roger Oberg, vice president of marketing at IBM's Rational division.

"When we'd have arguments over who has the best basic process for development, nobody wins," Oberg said. "Rather than controlling the basic process framework, we (at IBM) can leverage what the open-source community does. And other software vendors can do the same around our processes."

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