Tuesday, November 08, 2005

IBM Leads Open-Source Storage Effort

Source: PCWorld


New vendor group, Aperi, will collaborate on common storage software.
IBM and eight other storage vendors are teaming up to form an open-source organization initially called Aperi, Big Blue announced Tuesday. The companies intend to work together to develop common storage software to manage different vendors' systems, making it easier for users dealing with disparate storage systems. The software will be made available free of charge.

The Aperi name comes from the Latin word meaning "to open." The vendors will contribute code to the Aperi effort, with IBM making the first donation of some of its storage infrastructure management technology, according to the company. The group will be managed by an independent, nonprofit organization with a multivendor board of directors, with more details to emerge shortly about the organization and the composition of the board.

Open-Source Effort
Aperi will be modeled after the Eclipse consortium set up by IBM in conjunction with other vendors to handle open-source projects to create development tools and frameworks for building software. Eclipse was spun out from IBM in early 2004 to become an independent, nonprofit organization called the Eclipse Foundation.

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