Saturday, November 05, 2005

PHP Scripting Language Going Mainstream With Move Inside Eclipse Workbench

Source: InformationWeek

Scripting languages such as PHP are driving high-powered, high-speed Web content such as Google Maps, raising their profile and credibility

PHP, the popular Web site scripting language, will soon be used in conjunction with mainstream programming languages, now that its parent firm, Zend Technologies Inc., joined the Eclipse Foundation as a strategic developer.

Zend will lend its expertise to an Eclipse "dynamic language" project that will let developers using integrated tools for scripting languages plug them into the Eclipse programmer's workbench. Eclipse plug-ins are development tools that follow Eclipse file formats and programming conventions.

If developer tools for PHP become Eclipse plug-ins, developers will find it easier to work with PHP alongside the Eclipse-ready C++, Java, and Microsoft's C# tools to develop Web applications. Code can move from one Eclipse-based tool to another and the files can be orchestrated to work together. "The (developer) community out there wants to link these things together," says Rod Smith, IBM's VP of emerging technology. IBM donated the original source code that became the Eclipse workbench.

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