Wednesday, March 08, 2006

IBM Unveils New Open Source Development Software for Web Developers

Source: IT News Online

IBM has introduced enhanced open source development software for Web developers to use popular browser tools to build, test and run new voice applications.

The new speech application programming interface (API) software has been recently developed as part of the Eclipse Foundation's Voice Tools Project to speed the adoption of VoiceXML applications for phones, handheld devices, cars and the Web. VoiceXML is a leading language for developing voice recognition applications. The project ultimately aims to connect Eclipse developers and VoiceXML developers, allowing for common tools and architectures to spur innovation.

Developed as part of the Voice Tools Project by IBM, Tellme and other participating companies, the API creates a common developer framework that can work with any VoiceXML platform. By using this framework, an Eclipse-based tool can interoperate with a compatible VoiceXML platform.

"This project reinforces IBM's commitment to open source technologies that grow the voice industry," said Brent Metz, Voice Tools Project Lead, IBM. "Now every developer, big or small, can build speech applications. The Voice Tools Project is designed to remove the cost barrier of entry so that developers can add speech to a wide variety of applications."

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