Wednesday, March 08, 2006

McCabe Releases Significant Upgrade to SCM Solution

Source: PRWeb

McCabe Software Inc. announces the release of McCabe CM 3.2, separating itself from the pack with drag-and-drop change migration, dynamic workspace management, and enhanced Eclipse support that includes seamless refactoring. This latest version of McCabe CM promises to save development teams weeks with every release cycle.

“McCabe CM 3.2 reveals the real power of change based version control, and makes complex release management as easy as drag and drop,” says Barbara Dumas, McCabe’s Director of SCM Solutions.

McCabe CM’s renowned Selective Migration has taken another step forward by providing even faster and easier methods for sharing change across parallel development streams. McCabe CM’s Stream View now allows you to drag a change from one release stream and drop it into another. This functionality allows a user to apply change across different versions in seconds as opposed to the hours or days it would take with other SCM tools.

McCabe’s enhanced Eclipse support features seamless refactoring, which allows the renaming of files without the standard loss of change history and auditability. “Seamless refactoring is an essential capability if an organization has any hope of complying with federal, state or internal software audits like Sarbanes-Oxley,” says Dumas.

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