Wednesday, April 05, 2006

SoftLanding Completes Transition to Eclipse-Based Technology


"It's clear that all iSeries development will move from PDM to WDSC," says Steve Gapp, CEO of SoftLanding Systems. That's confidence. And that's not in short supply when Gapp is talking about his company's embrace of WebSphere. SoftLanding has just put the wraps on TurnOver Change Management's transition to Eclipse-based technology. The move has put the company and its change management software in a sweet spot if WDSC becomes the development environment of choice for iSeries shops.

For those unfamiliar with change management software, it is used to establish and automate repeatable processes for software development, including issue tracking, project management, development, and deployment.

"Our early experiences with the Eclipse framework proved to us that this technology brings very tangible benefits to iSeries developers," Gapp says. "Now the entire TurnOver solution can be accessed through a stand-alone client or as a plug-in to any Eclipse-based IDE (integrated development environment). The consistency between the two interfaces makes it easier for TurnOver users to move to WDSC (WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries) or RAD. They're already familiar with the environment."

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